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The See Clear visual aid thermostat sticker allows the user to enjoy better control of their room thermostat and therefore household temperature.

The stickers have been designed with the elderly, partially sighted and blind in mind; in fact they are ideal for enabling easy temperature control for all users. The differing temperature zones can clearly be identified through the use of four colour zones each of which also has embossed increasing bars which can be easily felt for by the user. Also included is an embossed, triangular indication marker to allow the user to independently adjust the thermostat to the desired temperature.

See Clear visual aids are easy to apply. They come with an adhesive back, and once the protective backing is removed, can be applied directly to the dial of the thermostat. For those who are concerned about sticking it on or would like assistance we can offer a fitting service or supply a new thermostat with the sticker already attached - there is a an additional charge for these services. Please contact us for further information regarding these additional extras.

There are a range of thermostats installed within homes across the UK. With this in mind, we have used the same clear and simple concept and adapted it to ensure that our stickers are compatible with a range of thermostats. For more information, and to check that the product is suitable for your make and model of thermostat, please visit our 'Shop' page.