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  1. As a plumber and heating engineer I am responsible for installing and repairing a range of hot water and heating systems. Often, when I get chatting to my customers- especially the elderly or partially sighted- they tell me that they have great difficulty seeing the small numbers on their thermostat dials. And well... the new digital thermostats are, for many, just a headache! Although this may seem trivial to some, not being able to regulate the temperature in your own home is nothing other than frustrating and, for many, takes away another bit of their independence, not to mention leaving people either freezing cold or sweltering hot. Hence the creation of See Clear! I wanted to design an aid to eliminate this problem and give my customers their independence.

    My wife and I have worked alongside the elderly and liaised with the Royal National Institute of Blind (RNIB) to create a product which is clear and easy to use. The See Clear visual aid is designed to be a cost effective, durable sticker which is both simple to apply and is aesthetically pleasing.

    We hope that our visual aids help make a difference to you or the lives of people you know.

    If you have purchased one of our products and have any comments or suggestions we would love to hear from you.
    We always welcome feedback.

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