Introducing See Clear Products

See Clear - a visual aid for thermostat adjustment

See Clear visual aid thermostat stickers are designed to make controlling the temperature of heating easy. Compatible with heating and cooling systems. Your See Clear thermostat sticker is directly applied to a thermostat's dial - instead of using small indication numbers it converts the temperature range into four easy to see, embossed sections. Also included is an embossed indication marker. Easy to apply and easy to use.

What are the benefits of using our products?

Through the use of embossed markers and colour coded temperature zones our products are ideal for elderly, visually impaired and blind users.

Our visual aid thermostat stickers are easy to apply, durable and aesthetically pleasing.

Our range of products

We have a range of visual aids which are compatible with the most common models of thermostats. There are four different colour packets to make selecting the relevant room thermostat sticker easy. 

If required, we can provide a room thermostat with the sticker already attached. For those within a 20 mile radius of our head quarters, we also offer a fitting service by a qualified heating engineer.

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